AHC is a Creative Communications Consultancy.  We specialise in the design and delivery of exceptional communications.  We’re experts in creating communications that get attention and simplify complex information for your members.  We offer innovative award winning solutions including digital tools, film, infographics, modelling tools and personalised animations. With offices in the UK, US and Australia, AHC is the preferred communications consultancy for organisations around the globe.  Our values of integrity, understanding and partnership are at the heart of all we do, as we continue to strive, with our clients to make a long-term difference to the lives people lead. 


Contact: Francis Goss
Job title: Chief Commercial Office
Address: Heath Hall, Heath, Wakefield
Tel: 07557 399 879
Mobile: 07557 399 879
Email: francis.goss@ahc.com
Website: www.ahc.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/2210661/
Twitter URL: @ahc_global
Facebook: facebook.com /anthonyhodgesconsulting