Insight Investment


Insight Investment is at the forefront of developing new ways of investing, providing institutional investors with innovative strategies coupled with robust risk management techniques. We were a pioneer in recognising the unrewarded nature of currency risk and the importance of liabilities. Liability-driven investment (LDI) has contributed significantly to protecting funding levels for pension funds over the past decade. As a specialist asset manager, we aim to deliver consistent and repeatable performance by focusing only on those things we believe we can do well, including LDI, fixed income, cash management, absolute return, multi-asset, specialist equities and real assets such as farmland

Contact: Andrew Reid
Job title: Head of Business Development UK and Ireland
Address: Insight Investment, 160 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4V 4LA
Tel: 020 7321 1118
Mobile: 079 7066 6584
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LinkedIn: company/insight-investment
Twitter URL: @InsightInvestIM