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Fiduciary manager selection and monitoring Fiduciary manager selection and monitoring

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In this webinar we focus on an area very much under the spotlight - how to select your fiduciary manager and what a best practice selection process looks like.  We will also look at how you should monitor your fiduciary manager going forwards. Joining us in this discussion will be one of the UK’s leading selection consultants, EY’s Rikhav Shah.


Jeff Neate, Head of Portfolio Management, Kempen
John MacDonald, Business Development Director, Kempen 
Rikhav Shah, Senior Manager, EY


Pensions Managers, Trustees, anyone interested in Fiduciary Management.

Transition, transform, transcend: delivering major improvement through administration Transition, transform, transcend

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This webinar explores delivering transformative service improvement through administration transitions, including:

  • Transition phase: manage the risks. The transition phase covers the standard activities involved in taking over service delivery responsibility. Because the outcomes are not completely within the new provider's control, the key focus of this phase is the management of risk.
  • Standard transformation phase: assess needs and solutions. Most transition projects will have an agreed level of standard transformation to be realised when the service goes live. The focus of this phase is the assessment of the scheme-specific needs and the extent to which the new existing operational environment will meet them.
  • Customised transformation phase: establish continuous improvement. A customised transformation will involve scheme-specific technical projects, such as data-cleansing programmes, typically after the service goes live and is in a steady state. Monitoring and maintaining change is a continual process.


Daniel Taylor, Client Director, Trafalgar House
Gillian Hickey, Implementation Project Manager, Trafalgar House


Pensions Managers, Trustees, Pensions Administrators.

Lifting the lid on fiduciary management Lifting the lid on fiduciary management

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This webinar provides an insight into the process for selecting a fiduciary manager and what trustees might consider during the selection process and once their selection is complete.