AEW is a global leading real estate fund management group with assets under management as at December 31st 2010 of €33.7 billion across Europe, the US and Asia.
AEW UK is currently a trading name of AEW Europe LLP. It is an asset management business that focuses on UK real estate for institutional clients. A new partnership structure, AEW UK LLP, is currently in formation and will be a 50:50 joint venture between AEW Europe and the UK Management Team.
AEW Europe LLP is a subsidiary of AEW Europe SA and part of the AEW Group. AEW is composed of AEW Capital Management in the US and AEW Europe SA and its subsidiaries.

Company: AEW UK
Contact: Dana Eisner
Job title: Head of Equity Raising
Address: 33 Jermyn Street, London SW1Y 6DN
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7016 4883