Education partners

Education Partners

New for 2019

Education Partners

PLSA Education Partners is where we work closely with organisations to provide education to our members on specific topics. Our Education Partners will share their expertise via teach-ins, webinars and thought leadership articles.

We are delighted to announce our Education Partners for 2020: Caceis will share their expertise on data and custody governance, Russell Investments will inform on fiduciary management, World Gold Council will discuss the role of gold in a pension fund portfolio, and Equiniti will explore GMP equalisation.

data and custody governance

Education Partner: Caceis

Fiduciary management

Education Partner: Russell Investments

gmp equalisation

Education Partner: Equiniti


Education Partner: World Gold Council

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If you are interested in becoming an Education Partner, please contact Ben Harwood: | 020 7601 1752

Our education partners