data and custody governance

We believe that pension schemes of all shapes and sizes require timely, accurate data that’s flexible enough to adapt to their current and evolving needs. We also believe that the responsibilities of your custodian is broader than the important role of asset safekeeping – it’s about providing the right framework and tools for effective governance to help trustees drive value for money for their members, alongside effective decision making.

This is why our education partnership focuses on two core areas - data and custody.



Since the beginning of October 2019, new regulations in the UK now require that pension funds explain their ESG policies in their Statement of Investment Principles.

Trustees may articulate their ESG policy through their asset managers, or they may adhere to the Stewardship code and its principles. We believe ESG policies need to be more robust for good governance. We’ll provide insights into the different components of ESG, current market practice and the ways in which pension schemes might best structure their ESG approaches.  

Cost Transparency

Following the launch of the CTI templates last year, we believe the focus on cost transparency is now shifting to value for money. This uses cost transparency analysis and data to inform value for money assessments, helping trustees and pension executives to make informed decision making about value for money, potentially improving member outcomes.


We’ll be looking at how a modern-day custodian should be partnering with pension schemes. We’ll provide insight into how trustees and pension executives can assess their custodian on value for money factors such as service and costs.


In 2019, KAS BANK became part of CACEIS. Today, we deliver end-to-end securities solutions to UK pension schemes, backed by two of the world’s largest financial services firms – Credit Agricole and Santander. The combination of KAS BANK’s specialist heritage and CACEIS’s technical expertise has led to the creation of our Pensions Centre of Excellence, staffed by pensions professionals for pension schemes of all shapes and sizes.

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