Why we're changing


We’re the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association, the national association with a ninety-year history of helping pension professionals run better pension schemes. With the support of over 1,300 pension schemes and over 400 supporting businesses, we are the voice for pensions and lifetime savings in Westminster, Whitehall and Brussels.

Our purpose is simple: to help everyone to achieve a better income in retirement. We work to get more money into retirement savings, to get more value out of those savings and to build the confidence and understanding of savers.


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We speak for everyone involved in workplace pensions, getting them together behind a common goal and making sure the government and regulators understand it.

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We speak about pensions and lifetime savings, making the market work for employers, schemes and savers.

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We support savers, recognising good quality schemes and products and helping their employers and schemes to help them.


We are changing because pensions are changing, and changing quickly. Millions more savers and hundreds of thousands of employers are using pensions for the first time. Just as the lines are blurring, between pensions and other forms of savings, between work and retirement, between scheme and saver responsibility.

Retirement is no longer a single event for many people. A pension or an annuity is no longer the sole source of retirement income. We have to think differently so we can keep helping our members, and we want you to see that new approach. 

Our new identity marks the start of a journey for an Association looking forward into a new future for our industry. It signals our intentions as we create a stronger voice for pensions and lifetime savings in the UK. And it gives everyone a reason to take a fresh look at an Association that’s been delivering results for more than 90 years.


Whether you’re a member, a customer or one of the many partners we work with, you’ll find something for you in the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association. We’ll still focus on pensions. We’ll still lobby for policies that work for you. We’ll still focus on providing great services to our members and giving you the tools and guidance you need.

If you’re involved in running a DB or a DC scheme, we’ll continue to help you get better value from your investments and make sure regulation doesn’t stop you doing your job for savers.

Whether you’re a pension scheme or a business supporting schemes, our ground-breaking research will bring you new insights into how people save now and in the future, what savers need in the new world of pensions and lifetime savings and how you can help them to achieve a better income in retirement.

We will launch new products and services to support our new and existing members, and which help them to support savers.  And our extended reach will provide new opportunities for partnerships with business members.

If you’re a small employer, we’ll take you through automatic enrolment, help you pick a provider and provide services that continue to make your life easier after you’ve enrolled.

If you’re in government or another trade body, we’ll help you understand how pensions policy changes will impact a broader section of the workplace pensions and lifetime savings community.