Southern Group

Southern Group

The Southern Group was set up in 1976 and serves (broadly speaking) Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire. Membership is not, however, confined to organisations based within the local area; companies outside the area whose staff live (or simply wish to attend meetings) in the area are most welcome. Meetings are generally held in the afternoons, a time that has proved popular.
The Group tries to appeal to a wider audience than simply those involved full-time in pensions, by holding meetings on a variety of different topics. Occasional special meetings are held which are designed to attract those whose main interest is investment or human resources, for example, and we also encourage those new to pensions to attend.


There is currently no annual subscription cost.

Becoming a Member 

For more information on this Group or to become a member please contact:
David Barker   |  (0)207 1783392  |   [email protected]


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