About us


The Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA)

Our mission is to help everyone achieve a better income in retirement. We work to get more people and money into retirement savings, to get more value out of those savings and to build the confidence and understanding of savers.

We represent pension schemes that together provide a retirement income to more than 30 million savers in the UK and invest more than £1.3 trillion in the UK and abroad. Our members include asset managers, consultants, law firms, fintechs, and others who play an influential role in people’s financial futures.

What we do

We bring together the industry and other parties to raise standards, share best practice and support our members. We work collaboratively with members, government, parliament, regulators and other stakeholders to help build sustainable policies and regulation which deliver a better income in retirement.

What does that mean in practice?

We ensure our members’ views, and those of their savers are heard by decision makers; we are the voice of our members with government, Parliament and regulators and we comment publicly on their behalf on key retirement income issues for savers.

Our industry-leading events, policy bodies and working groups facilitate direct exchange between members, government and regulators.

We also help members run better pension schemes: we are an important source for training, support and guidance on key retirement savings issues for the benefit of both pensions professionals and those who provide support services to the sector.

Why what we do is important

Our members pay out billions of pounds to millions of people every year. The impact of our members’ funds and the retirement incomes they provide underpin the financial security of individuals and beyond that, the future development of the nation’s economy.

A century at the forefront of retirement savings

Things have changed radically since our beginnings in 1923 when The Association of Superannuation and Pension Funds was established to serve the interests of a population with a life expectancy of 55.6 for men and 55.9 for women.  Today’s nursery-age children will live on average until they are 79.17 and 82.86 respectively.

We continually evolve; we changed our name from the National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF) to the PLSA, recognising that financial decisions for retirement are now about more than pensions (such as other savings and property) and we need joined-up policy on retirement income from government.

Although we’re a small organisation of about 50 people, we have a diverse range of activities across policy, research, press and government affairs, conferences and member relations.

Our approach

We work constantly to be relevant to our stakeholders. An efficiently-run and high-performing organisation, our employees share common values including being welcoming, helpful, optimistic and expert.