H&S EICC contractor guidelines

H&S EICC & Contractor Guidelines

The EICC is committed to operating in an environmentally friendly manner and to maintaining the high standards of décor, fixtures and fittings, in order that all clients, customers and contractors experience the same quality of service.  We want you to return to the Centre and for us to be able to provide you with the same high quality facilities that you see today. 

 In view of this, please assist us by following these simple guidelines:

 Care of the Building

1.    Please do not fix anything to walls, e.g. Sellotape, Velcro, Gaffer tape, blu-tac etc.  No nails or similar fixings are permitted to be used on any property belonging to the EICC.

2.    The VIP (33-person capacity) and Fireman’s lift (8-person capacity) are to be used for authorised personnel only.  All equipment must be transported to different floors via the goods hoist.  Please note that the goods hoist is operated by swipe card control, which you can obtain by prior arrangement with EICC Security. 

3.    Carpet tiles and ceiling tiles may not be uplifted or removed by anyone other than EICC personnel.

4.    No vehicles may enter the carpeted area of the Exhibition Halls without prior permission.  Permission will only be given for display purposes.  The Event Designer will advise on the conditions for this.

5.    No vehicles may enter the Auditoria without prior permission.  Permission will only be given for display purposes.  The Event Designer will advise on the conditions for this.

6.    Only forklifts with pneumatic tyres and appropriate weight loadings are allowed in the Lennox Suite.  The Event Designer will advise on the conditions for this.

7.     All furniture and fittings should be used for the correct purpose only eg. no standing on or laying of equipment on chairs.

8.    Due care should be taken at all times when transporting equipment around the building, to avoid any damage to doors and the fabric of the building.

9.    All damage, however small, must be reported prior to leaving the premises.  All damage to the building and fixtures and fittings (internal and external) will be assessed by the appropriate EICC personnel and charges may be levied where necessary.

10.  All Contractors or Subcontractors should acknowledge and observe any request from EICC personnel with respect to the use of the building and its culture.

11.  Where necessary for exhibition or set build, all flooring/walls and fittings/fixtures are to be protected appropriately when sawing and painting etc.  All debris is to be collected and disposed of appropriately.  Prior arrangement must be sought.

12.  All technical equipment provided by the Contractors or Subcontractors should have a current PAT Test Certificate and should be in ‘as new’ condition.

13.  All equipment provided by a subcontractor should be clearly labelled with the subcontractors name and contact details.

14.  The EICC will endeavour to save energy wherever possible.  We adopt the following procedures and would appreciate your co-operation in helping us fulfil these:

·         Switch off lights in the room when the session is finished
·         Only have the escalators running when deemed necessary
.         Only start air conditioning unit in the room half an hour before a session is due to commence and stop it once a session is complete

Health & Safety

 All personnel entering the Edinburgh International Conference Centre must comply with all current Health and Safety legislation. 

 You personally, and any of your team are responsible for ensuring that your work area is safe at all times.  You should ensure that your team is aware of this and if you have any questions about Health and Safety issues you should inform the Event Designer or Duty Manager.

  1. In no circumstances should the goods hoist door sensors be blocked at any time.  The car preference key provided in the lift should be used to lock off the lift on that floor with its doors open. 
  1. Pedestrian operated vehicles, eg trolleys, should be used safely avoiding damage to the building fabric at all times.
  1. All floor cabling must be made safe and kept neat and tidy at all times.
  1. All access equipment must be in safe, clean condition and if appropriate, tested before being used on the premises.
  1. Risk Assessments should be provided by Production Companies for all Events.
  1. No EICC access equipment should be used without receiving clearance and instruction, if appropriate, from the EICC technician responsible for that area.
  1. No EICC lifting equipment ie LX bars and chainhoists etc. should be used without receiving clearance and instruction, if appropriate, from the EICC technician responsible for that area.
  1. Any Pyrotechnics, Smoke, Haze or Lasers provided by the Contractor or Subcontractor should be cleared for use through the Technical Production team.  The Technical Production Planner for the event will work through the procedure in conjunction with the Contractor or Subcontractor.
  1. Hardhats and safety harnesses and other protective / safety equipment / clothing should be provided by the contractor and worn if the event risk assessments warrant it.
  1. To comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act all persons who intend to work or carry out activities within the EICC are required to provide a Method Statement and Risk assessment for approval. The documents must cover all activities planned including any Safety Management Systems deemed necessary.  Whilst onsite all persons must take reasonable care to ensure their own safety and that of others working within the same area. This will assist the EICC to effectively manage and supervise the work being carried out on our premises and ensure all who work within the EICC do so in a safe manner. 
  1. Risk assessments must be provided prior to an exhibition build commencing, detailing all activities to be carried out and the risks associated with the build and de-rig of the exhibition.
  1. The use of power tools / equipment which generates dust are prohibited inside the building except in the loading bay area; this includes cutting equipment, circular saws and similar types of equipment.  The user must ensure that the Loading Bay area is cleaned after use.  A risk assessment should be provided to the EICC for this activity, in line with the Provision of Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER).
  1. Throughout the duration of time at the EICC, Contractors or Subcontractors must ensure they are not blocking fire doors with equipment or build materials and ensure a clear pathway for safe access and egress at all times.

This information shall be passed to all clients, contractors & sub-contractors that visit the EICC to advise them of our procedures. 


Power and telephone sockets may only be used with prior permission.  Charges will be levied as appropriate.  Please see the Additional Services document for appropriate charges.


1.    All clients, delegates or contractors who enter the building through the main entrance before commencement of their event, are to report to the Concierge where they will be signed into the building and issued with a visitors pass. Clients, delegates or contractors who enter the building through the Loading Bay are to report to the Security office in the loading bay where they will be signed into the building and issued with a visitors pass.

2.    As a requirement of our Emergency Procedures, all passes are to be handed in before leaving the building.

3.    Emergency Evacuation Procedures must be adhered to.  In the event of an alarm sounding all persons visiting the building are required to take instructions from EICC staff with regards to what actions are to be taken. Unless otherwise advised, all alarms are to be treated as real.

4.    Parking is not available in the Loading Bay.  All visitors are to unload their vehicle, after signing in with Security, and then remove the vehicle to the nearest parking facility.  Goods unloaded from vehicles in the loading bay can be secured in the secure incoming goods cage at the visitor’s request.

5.    If the client produces a delivery schedule, it is their responsibility to ensure that all person(s) on the list adheres to the timetable.

General Code of Conduct

1.    All contracted or sub-contracted employees working in the building to be of a clean and tidy appearance at all time

2.    All contracted or sub-contracted employees working on evening functions should be dressed appropriately for the style of function being worked on.

3.    Food and drink is not permitted into the auditoria at any time.  As a guideline, this includes stage areas.

4.    There is no smoking permitted within the EICC.

      5.    During build up and break down, please respect others working in the building and keep noise levels to a minimum where possible.

6.    Horseplay and breaches of Health & Safety rules will not be tolerated within the building.  The EICC reserves the right to refuse an individual entry to the building if these guidelines are not followed.


Distribution of Food & Beverage 

1.    No exhibitors shall distribute or give away any item of food or drink not supplied by the official caterer Leith’s at the EICC without express written consent of Leith’s.  Should you wish to order stand catering, please request and complete a Stand Catering form and return to Leith’s at the EICC.

Environmental Issues

1.    The EICC is constantly seeking to provide an environmentally sustainable venue to all our clients and delegates.  We are committed to the prevention of pollution and reducing any negative impact on the environment. 

2.    We have introduced sustainable events programmes such as energy efficiency, waste management and delegate transport.  We welcome your contribution to minimising the impact to the environment.

3.    Please assist the EICC in reducing waste production by following our three 3 R’s principles.  (Reduce, Re-use and Recycle)

4.    As you may be aware, it is possible to recycle waste generated by your event.  Where possible, please sort your recyclable waste into different categories, e.g.

·         Glass and Bottles

·         Paper and Cardboard (including magazines, brochures, etc)

·         Plastic Cups and Plastic Bottles

·         Aluminium Cans

·         Wood

5.    Please contact our Cleaning team to dispose of the waste once sorted and collated.   Please note that an additional charge may be levied in order to dispose of excessive waste.

6.    All clients are responsible for disposal of the waste created by their events.  For large events and exhibitions, a skip can be hired through the Event Designer for collection and disposal of non-recyclable waste.  In line with the UK Government policy to adhere to ‘Polluter Pays Principle’ (PPP), a charge may be levied.

7.    The EICC can suggest a number of organisations for the purpose of International Shipping, for example Schenkers International Shipping.  City Couriers are a local company who can provide a courier service for deliveries/collections.  Both these companies are fully committed to improving environmental performance.  Clients are requested to contact Schenkers and City Couriers direct to arrange any services required.

David Kennedy   01277 236706  or  david.kennedy@schenker.com        

City Couriers    0131 447 7295  

8.    For more information, please ask for our “Think Green” document.

If you have any queries on any of the guidelines please contact the Duty Manager or Event Designer.  Thank your for you support and compliance.

Please sign below to acknowledge that you and any staff for whom you are responsible on site, have read and understood the EICC’s Client and Contractors Guidelines.

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