PLSA comments on Bank of England's MPC announcement

04 August 2016

In light of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) announcement today, Graham Vidler, Director of External Affairs, Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association has commented:

“The Bank of England’s decision to cut interest rates will give pension schemes cause for concern.  They have been battling historically low interest rates for over eight years and further cuts will put them under even greater pressure. While we recognise the need to protect the UK economy, strong consideration needs to be given to the negative impact this will have on the 6,000 private defined benefit pension schemes helping some 11 million savers.

“The introduction of further quantitative easing (QE) will also put pressure on pension schemes.  We recognise the level of QE is significantly lower than previous rounds and that the Bank of England is using some of the programme to purchase corporate bonds. As these bonds are higher-yielding instruments they could provide more stimulus than the same amount of gilt purchases, but nonetheless the impact this will have on gilt yields will be an additional burden for many schemes already struggling.

“Given the current economic conditions we are calling on the Pensions Regulator to use its existing powers to take a proportionate and flexible approach to scheme funding in these uncertain times.  It should give particular consideration to schemes going through a valuation cycle at the moment.”





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