Investment Conference 2018 - Exhibitors

Thank you for your support of the PLSA Investment Conference 2018. We look forward to welcoming you to Edinburgh. In advance of that the information contained on these pages should provide you with everything you require to make final preparations. Please use the left hand menu to navigate through all of the information. Please ensure you read the information carefully. Please note that your delegates and stand personnel will receive separate joining instructions directly to their email accounts.


Taking place on Thursday 8 March from 17:30 – 20:00 in the exhibition hall.  Please join us for drinks, food and networking.  Whether you want to stay for the entire evening instead of going out for dinner or join us for pre-dinner drinks and nibbles we’ll be delighted to see you.  We politely ask that any evening events organised by others do not commence until post 19:00.
If you have any queries about the event please contact or 0207 601 1710

A gentle reminder to please consider your fellow exhibitors and visitors in the exhibition hall

No flashing lights, bright lights or noise that constitutes a nuisance to other exhibitors or visitors to the exhibition will be permitted. All exhibitors and staff must conduct themselves in such a manner that is not objectionable to others. exhibitors must endeavour to conduct business on their own stands and must not, under any circumstance, canvass away from their stand. Exhibition stands must be staffed by responsible representatives during exhibition open hours. The PLSA have the right to expel or remove any person, article, display or exhibition stand, which in their opinion, is prejudicial to the interests of the exhibition or the PLSA.