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Pensions Intel

Pensions intel

What is PINNACLE Pensions Intel?

PLSA PINNACLE is offered as four streams. The Pensions Intel, stream has been developed in response to members telling  us they would like greater insight into the thinking and expertise of the specialist teams here at the PLSA.

What does it provide?  

Pensions Intel can help to keep you and your organisation ahead of the curve and in touch with what’s happening now and in the near future. The service offers tailored quarterly update sessions for staff at all levels. Sessions can be specially designed and researched to cover the issues which matter to you and your organisation. Our experts can provide analysed comment on areas which may not necessarily concern the wider PLSA membership.

What sort of topics do you cover?

 Our quarterly update sessions will normally focus on current issues. For example:

  • Pensions Dashboard
  • FCA Consultation on transfer from DB to DC
  • Securing good member outcomes across Europe  
  • Data Protection from 2018
  • Transaction Costs
  • Adequacy

During these sessions your key staff and specialists from the PLSA discuss, dissect and examine your issues and concerns. And because it’s a tailored service, you tell us what you what to know and hear about, or if you don’t know what you should know we can help you identify areas which are likely to be relevant to your circumstances.


Session start from £3500 +VAT for PLSA members

How do I find out more?

Contact Frances Corbett Head of the PLSA Academy and PINNACLE 020 7601 1716