Bill Trythall

bill trythall

Committee Member, Association of Member Nominated Trustees

Bill has been involved in administering pension schemes and/or in negotiating their benefit structures since the mid-1980s. He was over many years a director of the sole corporate trustee of the Universities Superannuation Scheme ("USS"), selected by the principal trade union representing the scheme's active members (now UCU, formerly AUT). After an interval, he returned to the board as pensioner director in 2009 to 2017. In the past he has, as well as belonging to the trustee board of the very large mainly DB scheme which is USS, chaired the trustee body of a very small DB scheme (eventually merged). He has been in the past on the steering committee of Just Pensions and on the advisory committee of the Pension Trustees Circle. He was also for a number of years an office-holder in AUT and a member of its National Executive Committee (President in 1989/90). In his day job he taught History at the University of York for nearly 40 years.