Ric Tizard

ric tizard

Head of Market Research and Insight, NEST

Ric has more than 20 years of experience in market research, leading projects in a diverse variety of sectors in the private and public sector. Starting at BT, his career has ranged across telecommunications, utilities, transport, and even whisky – before most recently moving into financial services and pensions. Despite all this diversity, he freely admits that the world of pensions has been the most fascinating area he has worked in, with the twin challenges of getting people to answer questions on a low engagement topic and devising ways of trying to accurately predict future behaviour, something which is notoriously unreliable. He has worked on customer satisfaction and brand tracking, NPD, campaign development, corporate reputation, concept testing, and many other things he might not even remember. Ric has combined practical application of research insights on the client-side with “at the coal face” experience of survey development on the agency-side.

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