Laura Myers

laura myers

Partner, Head of DC, LCP

As Head of DC at LCP, Laura is at the forefront of understanding the market and spotting new opportunities and solutions for her clients. Her ability to cut through complexity and focus on the key issues at hand means that she helps her clients to identify the right investment strategy, get the best value for their members and help them navigate change. Laura has been helping DC schemes, from huge trusts to small GPPs, on all aspects of DC pension provision for over 10 years – and whilst the landscape has changed in that time the key issue that still faces most of these schemes is how to get their members an adequate retirement. As part of Laura’s role at LCP she leads their research on pension platform providers and investment managers’ DC solutions, which means she can give her clients in-depth knowledge of the new solutions available in the DC market. She also sits on both the Asset Security working party and the NextGen Committee.

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