Rory Murphy

rory murphy

Trustee Chair, Merchant Navy Officers Pension Fund

Rory is one of the emerging figures in the pensions industry, and is a well-known voice championing the improvement in quality standards and performance of pension trustees and the funds they represent.

As Chair of two maritime industry pension schemes, the MNOPF and the Ensign Retirement Plan, Rory is experienced in the challenges facing trustees with both DB and DC pension provision. During Rory’s time at the MNOPF, the fund has bucked the trend of many UK pension schemes, seeing significant increases in funding through the innovative use of Fiduciary Management, buy-ins, buyouts and longevity swaps. Rory is also championing the next generation of pension provision, leading the maritime industry’s not-for profit DC master trust, the Ensign Retirement Plan.

Outside of pensions, Rory advises companies in understanding, engaging, consulting and negotiating with trade unions and their employees, helping them to develop and implement strategy. He provides training and mentoring, working in conjunction with company HR teams to complement their existing resources.

As a former trade union General Secretary Rory has over 30 years’ experience across the public and private sectors in the UK, Ireland and Europe.