Andrien Meyers

andrien meyers

Head of Treasury and Pensions, London Borough of Lambeth | Senior Policy Adviser, LGPS Scheme Advisory Board

Andrien is a Finance and Investment professional with over a decade of experience. Recently, he was elected to serve the Ward of Aldgate in the City of London as a Common Councilman.

A recognised expert in his chosen profession, Andrien provides strategic and operational advice to both national and local Government whilst always placing the tax-payer, Pension Fund members, residents and businesses at the heart of what he does. He has been at the forefront of national change with regard to local government pensions, resulting in much industry attention and international awards. 

Andrien currently holds a dual role; he is a Senior Policy Advisor to the Minister of Local Government at the LGA via the LGPS Scheme Advisory Board; but is also the Head of Treasury and Pensions at the London Borough of Lambeth. 

Andrien is an eloquent orator and a much sought after public speaker. Furthermore, he spends time mentoring students who have a keen interest in finance and investments. A traditional family man, Andrien also devotes much of his time to charitable causes.