Laura Kuenssberg

laura kuenssberg

Political Journalist and Broadcaster 

BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg is the first woman to hold the post and prior to that was a presenter and Chief Correspondent on Newsnight. She has previously served as ITN’s Business Editor, and as Chief Political Correspondent for BBC News. She has also reported for The Daily Politics.

After studying in Edinburgh and Washington DC (including a stint on NBC News covering politics) Laura began her journalistic career with the BBC in the North East & Cumbria. She won a regional Royal Television Society award for her work as Home Affairs Correspondent. She then moved to BBC News as Chief Political Correspondent in time to be an almost ubiquitous feature of the broadcaster’s 2010 general election coverage, leading to the term “Kuenssbergovision” being coined.

After a brief spell at ITV as ITN’s Business Editor and co-hosting News at Ten, Laura returned to the BBC and to Newsnight. Replacing Nick Robinson as Political Editor she’s led all of the broadcaster’s big political stories, elections and breaking news, and interviewed the key players on all sides. She has also covered US presidential elections, the build-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, and the accession of eastern European states to the EU.

As well as her news and political broadcasting, Laura is a prominent figure on Twitter, regularly tweeting breaking news updates from Westminster.

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