Robert Gardner

robert gardner

Co-Founder of Redington and RedSTART

Rob’s dream is to transform people's financial future from hoping for the best to knowing what to do.  He believes we can achieve this by focusing on education and collaboration, which is why he wrote the children’s book "Save Your Acorns" and co -founded Redington, RedSTART and Mallowstreet. 

In 2006 Rob co-founded Redington because he felt there was a better way to solve the pensions crisis.  Redington is now a leading independent investment consultancy. Its goal is to make 100 million people financially secure, by empowering individuals, trustees and companies to make better decisions.

Rob’s passion is help future generations save more for a better financial future. Which is why in 2012 he launched RedSTART a financial literacy programme. RedSTART aims to plant the seed for the financial well-being of young people. In 2016 he wrote the children’s book "Save Your Acorns"  to help 4 to 6 year olds learn about saving, investing and sharing. 

Rob also chairs the Children's Savings Policy Council for the Tax Incentivised Savings Association (TISA). To ensure all children in the UK can live the financial life they aspire to. By equipping them with the attitude, skills and resources to achieve their personal and financial goals. Rob is also a trustee of The FairLife Foundation, which helps people save and invest money for their future

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