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Fringe meetings

The Trustee Learning Zone is open to trustees only.
Please note that pre-registration for this event is essential.
Please indicate your wish to attend when registering for the conference. If you have already registered please email to confirm your attendance.
All registered delegates are welcome to attend the fringe meetings. Please indicate your wish to attend when registering for the conference. If you have already registered please email to confirm your attendance.

10:30 - 11:30

Trustee Learning Zone session 1

10:30 - 11:30

Fringe meeting 1

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Diversity vs. Diversification: What is the difference?

These words sound the same but they are very different. Diversification has become the name of the game. Everyone is talking about it as being the panacea in portfolio construction. It is the free lunch we were all told never existed. However, while diversification relies on mathematical models holding true, diversity reflects something very different. We  explore how to build portfolios which really are diverse and how you can better manage risk in today’s uncertain world. 
Phil Redding,
UK Head of Business Development, Cardano
Stefan Lundbergh, Head of Cardano Insights, Cardano

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Investors are being presented with numerous offerings involving new forms of beta beyond the broad market premium. How should pension funds understand these often complex products in order to make an informed assessment of which options offer best value while incorporating a sensible level of risk. And what does this proliferation of products really promise in terms of diversifying asset allocations?
Eric Shirbini, Global Research and Investment Solutions Director, ERI Scientific Beta 

11:30 - 12:00

Refreshment break in the exhibition hall


12:00 - 13:00

Trustee Learning Zone session 2

12:00- 13:00

Fringe meeting 2

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How to conquer the armadillo?

As DB pension schemes enter negative cash-flow territory, how do they wrestle the need to deliver pensions in retirement alongside attempting to repair the funding deficit they face? We will focus on how equity income can deliver the dual outcome schemes are looking to achieve, while also providing a statistically more attractive way to invest in equities.
Nick Clay, Portfolio manager, global equity team, Newton Investment Management

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Insurance linked strategies – independent by nature

In an economic environment where traditional asset class correlations are being challenged, interest rates are trending up and valuations are high, Insurance Linked Strategies is a compelling asset class. We will guide you through the emergence of this asset class, its advantages and its challenges, as well as key characteristics that differentiate managers.
Niklaus Hilti, Chief Executive Officer, Credit Suisse Insurance Linked Strategies