Acadian Asset Management


Acadian Asset Management is an institutional equity specialist managing active global, emerging and frontier investments. Our assets under management are c £70 billion as of November 30, 2017, serving institutions in 23 countries worldwide. Of this, EMEA clients account for c £12 billion. Acadian is headquartered in Boston, with offices located in Singapore, Tokyo, London, and Sydney.

Our investment approach is quantitative, employing sophisticated analytical models for active security selection. Our proprietary database covers c 40,000 securities in more than 60 markets worldwide. Acadian's extensive research capabilities are used to develop customised investment management strategies for our clients.

Contact: Kelly Young
Job Title: SVP, Director, International Client Group, Acadian Asset Management 
Address: 110 Cannon Street, 4th Floor, London EC4N 6EU
Tel: 0207 398 7280