Ortec Finance


Ortec Finance is a global provider of technology and advisory services for risk and return management. Established in Rotterdam in 1981, Ortec Finance has 180 employees who combine mathematical ability, business awareness, and practical application to deliver innovative and pragmatic solutions. Our client base operates in the pension, investment management, insurance and private wealth management markets, and is long-standing and global.

We help improve investors’ decision making and decision monitoring. We design, build, and apply solutions for asset-liability management and performance measurement & risk attribution. Our solutions derive from the combination of software models and professional advisory services. Ortec Finance is leading in innovation through strong ties with the academic community.

Contact: Maurits van Joolingen
Job title: Manager Client Services
Tel: 020 31787451
Email: maurits.vanJoolingen@ortec-finance.com
Website: www.ortec-finance.co.uk