JLT Employee Benefits


Specialist LGPS support.


JLT provide Investment and Administration services to LGPS Funds. Services delivered by JLT to LGPS Funds cover all Pensions Administration support services including GMP reconciliation, backlog clearance services, Governance and PFC/Board training, AVC reviews, Data projects, and Employer support.  All services are overseen by a specialist multi-disciplinary team with vast LGPS experience. This group, known internally as the LG Assurance Team (LAT), ensure that all  services JLT deliver to funds are consistent, of exceptional quality and capture the experience and best practice from other projects. The LAT team is made up of individuals drawn from a number of disciplines within the JLT business, in order to provide a holistic and joined-up view from a technical and practical viewpoint, including 3 former LGPS Pensions Managers.

Contact: Adrian Chapman
Job title: Director
Mobile: 07585 888501
Email: adrian_chapman@JLTGroup.com    
Website: http://www.jltemployeebenefits.com/