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1.The point at which something is likely to begin

When we meet in March, the UK will be just days away from exiting the European Union. And it’s not just Brexit.

The complicated global geopolitical environment, the heightened urgency of risks posed by climate change, the future impact of technology on industry as well as society, and the waning of the economic cycle comprise a scenario which may see unsettled financial markets for some time to come. What keeps the UK’s chief investment officers and scheme trustees up at night, and how and where are they looking for returns?

Schemes and savings vehicles of all sizes must navigate the coming uncertainty to the benefit of savers, who trust them to make the right decisions on their behalf.

So, what are the bright spots on the investment horizon, and how can investors take advantage of them?

The PLSA’s Investment Conference 2019: Investing on the brink, explores these topics in full, with a top-level roster of speakers to guide us through the current and future investment environment. The programme features high level ideas as well as practical direction on more than just how to steer through the difficult investment environment, but how we may flourish in it and provide savers with the best possible outcomes.


Alistair Darling, Former Chancellor of the Exchequer
Paul Johnson, Director, Institute for Fiscal Studies
Katya Adler, Journalist and Broadcaster
Misha Glenny, Journalist and author of 'McMafia'
Hannah Fry, Mathematician and Science Presenter
Elizabeth Corley, Vice Chair, Allianz Global Investors
Jeremy Coller, Chief Investment Officer, Coller Capital; Founder, FAIRR Initiative
Nathan Sheets, Chief Economist and Head of Global Macroeconomic Research, PGIM; former Under Secretary for International Affairs, US Treasury 

This event is the UK's largest conference focused on pension fund investment and is attended by 950 pensions professionals; including chief investment officers, pension managers, trustees and their advisers. The conference consists of plenary and specialist stream sessions focusing on Defined Benefit, Defined Contribution, Investment & Governance as well as a new stream on Asset Allocation. We’ll also have our Trustee Learning Zone, specialist sessions, an exclusive exhibition and various networking events, including the PLSA drinks reception.

For queries or further information about the event please contact Nikolina Hudi or 0207 601 1710.

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