Retirement Guidance

Retirement Guidance


As an employer you will be keen to ensure your employees recognise the significant contribution you make towards their retirement savings.  You will also want your employees to be able to look forward to a financially secure retirement. To find out more about the issues your employees may face and to gain more insight into the choices they may have,
our At Retirement made simple guide may help you to become more familiar with what employees might need to consider. 

 At Retirement Services Made Simple



To offer additional support and to further develop understanding of what is important when accessing retirement savings, the Academy has also designed a short seminar for employers. Retirement guidance for employers explains the issues employees need to think about and how as an employer you can make sure your employees recognise what is important if they are considering accessing their retirement savings.  More

Bespoke seminars are also available on request and these may be tailored to suit a particular scheme or employer. 
For more information about bespoke seminars please contact Claire Simmons at or telephone 020 7601 1735

(Seminars will provide information only and do not include or constitute personal financial advice)