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KAS BANK and cost transparency

The announcement of the Cost Transparency Initiative (CTI) is a great step forward for the pension industry in respect of getting to grips with cost transparency. It brings together three high profile organisations: the PLSA, the Investment Association, and the Local Government Pension Scheme Advisory Board.

Once the CTI has implemented a standardised industry framework, the collection of costs and charges will be simplified. However, as an industry we need to ensure trustees and pension executives correctly interpret costs and charges in terms of investment strategy and risk and return. This will ensure more informed decision making, potentially improving member outcomes.

KAS BANK is taking the lead in educating trustees and pension executives on cost transparency through a number of initiatives, including this educational partnership with PLSA. We will hold a series of teach-in’s, webinars and educational articles throughout 2019, which will include the elusive transaction costs, guidance on the CTI templates and updates on the regulatory landscape.

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